Southern Eagle Distributing Hospitality Workers Fund

Hospitality Relief Fund for COVID-19 impacts on Hospitality Workers Powered by

Southern Eagle Distributing

With the match $50 will feed two people for a week!

Update – We have reached the limit of the funds for the moment. We are working to replenish the fund. Thank you for your patience while we do. As of Sunday evening, there have been 2,298 signups from people needing assistance. We only could provide 1,540. We need support from the community to replenish the fund. The number of signups is a true indicator of the real impact of COVID-19.

Raised With Matching Donations

Providing Groceries to Over 1,540 Hospitality Workers.

As The Holy City is currently feeling the negative impacts of COVID-19, the goal of this fund is to provide support and resources to the hospitality industry during this difficult time. Initiating this fund, Southern Eagle Distributing, Louie’s Kids and The MatchingFund will match donations, up to $50,000, allowing each donation to go twice as far.

Due to the timing uncertainty, our hospitality industry could be effected for up to six months.  Your neighborhood bartender, favorite server, most dedicated hotel manager and many other hospitality staff need your support now.

Thank you for your consideration and dedication to keeping the Lowcountry’s hospitality industry strong.

Southern Eagle Distributing challenges any individual or business to Power Up by providing additional matching funds.

Contact Steve to accept the Power Up Challenge.

A Big Shout Out to the Sponsors of the Hospitality Workers Matching Challenge.

Hospitality Workers Comments

You guys rock, regardless of me getting anything out of this, thank you !!!!!

I was born and raised f&b. I miss working I miss my guests, my coworkers. It’s scary to not be making money and even scarier to possibly lose someone you love to this. I am fortunate that so far everyone I know and love is still healthy.

I think this is a difficult time for us all. As long as everyone is doing their part I know we can get through this and come back to work stronger than ever! I know I miss work so much because of this and I really appreciate what y’all are doing for all of us in need. Thank you 🙂

COVID-19 has completely halted the restaurant industry as we know it and unemployment process. It has taken myself and coworkers weeks to be able to claim benefits and during this time we have a lot to learn on how to change for the better. I would appreciate this donation in so many ways.

Like many people, I have been battling with the unemployment insurance claims office for almost 4 weeks. I have still received no benefits and am struggling to get groceries and other essential items that I currently need. All help is so greatly appreciated!!

I’m the main provider for my wife and two kids and 3 dogs have been out of work for 2 weeks starting to get a little nervous about the whole thing definitely scared about feeding my family. I can’t wait for so this to be over and life to get back on track.

You really don’t appreciate something until it’s gone… like your job! The community has been awesome with all the support during COVID-19. I know we all can’t wait to get back in there and bring the hospitality industry back to life.

My husband, one year old son and I are doing our best in this new normal. I have been waiting almost three weeks for any money from unemployment, so anything helps!

We will be stronger then ever

It’s a tragedy for all of but once we get through it we will be stronger and better then ever..

Thank you to everyone that has helped our industry. It is overwhelming to see the kindness in people.

Southern barrel has been awesome at trying to get us unemployment and take care of their employees. Unfortunately the government can’t process our claims and a lot of us are still not receiving anything to help us in this time. Thanks to southern eagle for helping us out!!!!

Every little bit helps. I found myself gathering my change, until unemployment comes through, so I could buy t.p. if I ever find
Even though this crisis is hitting us hard financially, I am thankful to be here for my friends who need food or a ride and to be able ro spend quality time with my bf. We both are in the industry and two ships in the night as they say. It has been good to slow down.
Would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you for being so generous.

Hospitality and tourism is the life blood of Charleston, so we’re all really hurting during this. I’ve already been furloughed for over 2 weeks and I expect to be out of work until at least the end of April (if not the end of May). Even if stay at home orders are lifted in the coming months, with Spoleto and so many other spring events cancelled, it’s going to be a long time before the industry can return to any sort of normalcy which is scary for so many of us.

I have tried my best to look at Covid 19 as an opportunity. Instead of focusing on not working and not making any money, I’ve focused more on the weight of “time constraints” OFF my shoulders. So much to be done. Healthy habits, productivity, positivity. It has been working so far….

This is a horrible virus and an extremely difficult time. It’s things like this that get us all through. Small acts of kindness and generosity. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Just want to get back to normal and everyone to stay healthy.

You guys rock! Thanks for helping!

This virus is going to take a long time to clear up. I don’ t see myself working back at that restaurant for several months. Probably not till the fall. It is just so bad for all the hospitality workers.

So thanks to all of the organizations helping bartenders like me out. It’s crazy our industry seemed to be the strongest, everyone will always eat and drink! But now…. wow.

Can’t wait to go back to work!! This is a mess!

I would just like to say thank you for the help! I truly appreciate it and anything helps right now. So hope all is well and thank you! Stay safe!

COVID-19 has put me out of work. I work the seasonal dock bar so I was out of work January, February and then this fiasco happened.

Coronavirus put the whole world on its knees

Covid-19 sucks, obviously. I’d like to pass this gift card along to a buddy who isn’t that great at saving.

This would be extremely helpful to me and my my family. My husband and I have been furloughed since March 15th and really need funds for groceries because were saving money to pay rent. Thank you so much, stay healthy & safe!

It’s a devastating thing that the entire world is going through. Thank you all for your support!

Not only did I lose my job, I do not have health insurance and was just diagnosed with asthma in January. Between the doctor bills and the medicine (which costs 300 a month), I have to choose between my health and paying my bills.

This corona virus is the worst thing I have ever lived through. Watching so many people loose their jobs and lives is so heartbreaking. I hope this virus don’t last long and we can get back to living

These are unprecedented times, I found your website thru Holy City Sinner. In these trying times, any little bit helps. My wage has been cut by 2/3 and it would be nice to get a few groceries for the fridge. I thank you for doing such a wonderful job, being dedicated to those needing assistance and having generous hearts.

Due to the outstanding circumstances the Covid-19 Virus has brought to our nation, many families have been severely impacted. My family being one of them. My husband and I both work in hospitality and our hours have been cut in half. We are also putting ourselves at risk by working in an industry where so many people come and go. It is very troubling. Not only is our safety at risk, so is our financial stability. This is a very wonderful fundraiser and we truly appreciate the consideration. Thank you so much.

As a bartender who is married to another Charleston bartender, your generosity will not be forgotten when we get back to work.

The Coronavirus has hit our household pretty hard. Both of us are servers and relied on our everyday tips to make ends meet. Some grocery money would go a very long way.

Due to this virus many of us have been laid off. Thank you to those who donated, it means a lot! And thank y’all for creating the fundraiser and allowing ya to sign up.

I was laid off from my food and beverage job while being held hostage in Peru for 20 days. I was in Peru for a short trip before Covid-19 took full effect across the world. While in Peru, the Peruvian president closed borders and gave everyone only 24 hours to leave the country. With the airport being shut down, I was unable to leave, having to stay 20 days in Peru and pay an exorbitant cost for a repatriation flight, while being unemployed. I appreciate the help that everyone is putting forth toward food and beverage/hospitality workers.

The inability of the unemployment office to deal with the volume of people that need help, while expected, is very demoralizing to f and b workers that have families to feed. This is a great gesture of good faith that will keep food on the table for many that are in need. Thank you is not enough.