UPDATE: On Friday, July 31, 2020 we, Thomas & Hutton Helping Hands, completed 2 critical care/transportation-evacuation enclosures (of the 5 - 6 that are needed) with the funds already raised for The Birds of Prey Center. We are continuing our efforts to raise money for this organization and project. The enclosures cost approximately $200 each for the materials and once the rest of the needed funds are raised, we will return to the Birds of Prey Center to build the other needed enclosures.
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The Birds of Prey Center and Avian Conservation Center are in need of at least 6 critical care enclosures used for sick, injured, and oiled shore birds and water birds. These enclosures will be multi-purpose enclosures to help The Birds of Prey Center with their mission statement – “To identify and address vital environmental issues by providing medical care to injured birds of prey and shore birds, and through educational, research, and conservation initiatives.” The Thomas & Hutton Helping Hands Program volunteers are ready to lend a helping hand to assist in building these crucial enclosures! Please help us raise the money needed for the project materials!


We at Thomas & Hutton believe in doing our part to help serve our community and our world! T&H employees will volunteer on Friday, July 31, 2020 beginning at 12:30pm at The Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, SC. We will be doing an indoor building project. We will build critical care enclosures that will be used to help protect and heal injured shore birds and water birds. These enclosures will also double as hurricane evacuation/transportation enclosures for large birds. The Birds of Prey Center are in need of 6 of these enclosures! Thomas & Hutton Helping Hands Program Volunteers are ready for the job!

To learn more about The Birds of Prey and Avian Conservation Center you may visit their website at: www.thecenterforbirdsofprey.org

Thank you for your time and consideration!