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Start with One is a 501(c)3 charity that believes each person should have access to clean water, education, improved health care, and economic opportunities. Their mission is to create sustainable and empowering change by developing local input, utilizing current technologies, and leveraging partnerships.
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In the US, a water crisis is a major news story. In many other parts of the world, it would be daily life. Every year more than 2 million people, mostly children, die from waterborne disease. Fifty percent of all the illness in the world is caused by unsafe water. Globally, unsafe water kills more people every year than violence, including war. Children are the worst affected because they don’t have the resilience to fight water borne illness. As if the numbers on death and disease weren’t sufficiently compelling, many people in developed nations are shocked when they begin to comprehend the vast number of people in the world who have no access to any water at all.Clean water is at the root of many challenges that face most of the world.  Some eye opening data points:

  • 663 million people live without clean water  (That’s twice the US population!)
  • Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.
  • 43% of those deaths are children under the age of 5.
  • Access to clean water and basic sanitation can save 16,000 lives each week.
  • Clean water helps keep kids in school, particularly girls.

When Start with One started providing clean water to communities they chose water filtration as the best economic means. They would enter into communities and provide a hundred filters here and a couple of hundred there. The question that was asked  is “what lasting impact is Start with One leaving in each community?” The need was so great and a few hundred filters was literally a “drop in the bucket.” The next question asked was, “how can Start with One change either product or process or both to create the lasting impact and change that is wanted?”

Start with One did both. Instead of a few hundred here or there, the organization chose to select an area and to work with local authorities, train local leaders, and to cover the area so that every household – every person has access to clean and safe water.

In 2016 Start with One worked with the authorities of Lanet, Kenya and its leadership and provided approximately 12,000 Uzima UZ-1 filters. Not only did the health of the area change, but the economic and educational benefits were evident as well. In 2017 they chose four islands of Lake Victoria and partnered with a local organization Great Lake Foundation and provided approximately 8,500 Uzima UZ-1 filters.

For more information visit: www.startwithonekenya.org