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Help fund animal rescue and burn treatment in Australia. 27 million acres have burned in Australia. There are many animals still alive with second and third degree burns now with no habitat to return to. For endangered species, the fire devastation threatens to push them to — or past — the edge of extinction. All donations go to Savem.org.au. for animals needing veterinary treatment or rehabilitation. Image and Text from ScienceNews.org
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Across Australia, as of January 12, months of wildfires have burned nearly 11 million hectares — an area larger than the nation of Guatemala. It’s an ecological disaster unprecedented in the nation’s history. More than 1 billion animals have been killed so far, says Christopher Dickman, an ecologist at the University of Sydney.

More than 2,200 homes have gone up in flames and 29 people have been killed, and there are still two months of bushfire season left to go. Already, the toll on animals and plants, many of which are evolutionarily unique and endemic to the continent, is mind-boggling.

Many habitats have been destroyed as well, setting up a crisis that will continue long after the fires die down. Even if animals such as small marsupials survive the fires, they may have no suitable habitat or food remaining