$20,570 raised for East Cooper Community Outreach

$20,570 raised as this campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who donated to help those less fortunate in our community impacted by COVID-19.
205.70% Raised with Match$5,000.00 Total Matching Funds Available
$20,570.00 Donated of $10,000.00 goal including Match.
$0.00 Matching Funds Remaining.
74 Donors
Campaign has ended

$20,570 raised for East Cooper Community Outreach. We know that all of us have had our lives changed, challenged and inconvenienced due to Covid-19, but those less fortunate in our community need our help now!

Working with the Daniel Island Rotary Club and the Daniel Island Community Fund, the Daniel Island Community Foundation is asking you to join the partnership and help fund this local nonprofit organization who service immediate needs for the disadvantaged in our area. We are offering an opportunity for your contribution to be matched 3:1 in this fundraising challenge.

This organization is feeling the pressure as service requests have significantly increased in the last 3 weeks. ECCO and their volunteers are working tirelessly, risking their lives to help those who need them the most.

With this matching challenge, ECCO has the potential to receive a donation of at least $10,000. Daniel Island property owner donations of up to $2,500 will be matched by the Daniel Island Rotary Club. Once the total reaches $5,000, the Daniel Island Community Fund will match up to $5,000. Your $1 donation turns into a $3 dollar donation.

We are asking the community to please join us in funding for these basic human rights. Help us spread the word and if you can, donate to these deserving nonprofits so that they continue to help those in need.

This challenge match ends May 1, 2020.