$81,000 Raised!! Charleston, SC Hospitality Relief Fund for COVID-19 impacts to Hospitality Workers!

SouthernEagle Distributing and others are matching up to $50,000 to help Hospitality and Hourly workers in the Charleston area who are impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Please donate to have your donation doubled. E-gift cards will be distributed to each person in the Hospitality Industry on a first come/first serve basis who signs up and is verified as long as funds are available.
$63,585.52 Donated with Match.
$18,207.24 Matching Funds Remaining.
102 Donors
Campaign has ended

$81,000 Raised!!!  Update – We have reached the limit of the funds for the moment. We are working to replenish the fund. Thank you for your patience while we do. Current signup is 2,298 from people needing assistance. We could only provide for 1,540. We need support from the community to replenish the fund. The number of signups is a true indicator of the real impact of COVID-19.

Donate2it is waving all platform fees to help Hospitality and Hourly workers who are impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Many restaurants and bars are closed due to governmental rules. Hourly workers depend on wages and tips to make ends meet, even to eat. Sometimes tips are the only source of income. Please give all you can. Thank you for your generosity.

Up to $50,000 match to help Hospitality and Hourly workers who are now out of work and who cannot afford to pay for their own meals. All hospitality workers are impacted by the restaurant and bar shutdowns. Closed restaurants mean Service and Hospitality workers will not make wages or tips which they depend on to make ends meet. We need to help all we can. WE NEED TO RAISE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

Hospitality Workers Comments

I was born and raised f&b. I miss working I miss my guests, my coworkers. It’s scary to not be making money and even scarier to possibly lose someone you love to this. I am fortunate that so far everyone I know and love is still healthy.

I think this is a difficult time for us all. As long as everyone is doing their part I know we can get through this and come back to work stronger than ever! I know I miss work so much because of this and I really appreciate what y’all are doing for all of us in need. Thank you 🙂

Like many people, I have been battling with the unemployment insurance claims office for almost 4 weeks. I have still received no benefits and am struggling to get groceries and other essential items that I currently need. All help is so greatly appreciated!!

I have tried my best to look at Covid 19 as an opportunity. Instead of focusing on not working and not making any money, I’ve focused more on the weight of “time constraints” OFF my shoulders. So much to be done. Healthy habits, productivity, positivity. It has been working so far….

Just want to get back to normal and everyone to stay healthy.

This virus is going to take a long time to clear up. I don’ t see myself working back at that restaurant for several months. Probably not till the fall. It is just so bad for all the hospitality workers.

You guys rock! Thanks for helping!

So thanks to all of the organizations helping bartenders like me out. It’s crazy our industry seemed to be the strongest, everyone will always eat and drink! But now…. wow.

Can’t wait to go back to work!! This is a mess!

I would just like to say thank you for the help! I truly appreciate it and anything helps right now. So hope all is well and thank you! Stay safe!

COVID-19 has put me out of work. I work the seasonal dock bar so I was out of work January, February and then this fiasco happened.

Coronavirus put the whole world on its knees

Covid-19 sucks, obviously. I’d like to pass this gift card along to a buddy who isn’t that great at saving.

This would be extremely helpful to me and my my family. My husband and I have been furloughed since March 15th and really need funds for groceries because were saving money to pay rent. Thank you so much, stay healthy & safe!

It’s a devastating thing that the entire world is going through. Thank you all for your support!

Not only did I lose my job, I do not have health insurance and was just diagnosed with asthma in January. Between the doctor bills and the medicine (which costs 300 a month), I have to choose between my health and paying my bills.