Help give a dog the freedom they deserve! Thomas & Hutton Helping Hands is raising funds needed to purchase all of the materials/supplies for one of The Charleston Animal Society's Pets for Life Fence-Build Projects. Thomas & Hutton volunteers will then go to a family's home and build the fence for their dog. Once the fence is complete, we will remove the dog's chains so that it may finally have freedom from any restraints!
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At Thomas & Hutton, our T&H Helping Hands Program does outreach/service projects within the community to help others and as a way to give back! The money raised through this campaign will be used to purchase all of the needed materials/supplies to build a fence for a local family and their dog so that their dog may experience freedom from its chains/restraints for the first time in its life and for the rest of its life. The fence will provide a safe, new area for the dog to run and play! It also provides a sense of security and joy for the family knowing that their dog will not be able to run out into the streets and into potential danger, but will be able to play, safely and freely, without restraint, just like every dog should be able to do. Thank you Thomas & Hutton volunteers and thank you Charleston Animal Society for your love of these animals and the Pet for Life Fence-Build Project!