Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch

The Thomas & Hutton Helping Hands Program is teaming up with Donate2It to raise money for Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch in Huger, SC! We are raising money for needed repairs of fencing, repair/rebuild handicap ramps, and other needed projects at BDRR! Help us raise our goal of $1,000 for the projects that are needed to ensure the safety and enjoyment for the special children, adults, and all who participate at Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch each and every day! It will help to serve many!
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Thomas & Hutton Jeans Day raised $1,000 for Blissful Dreams Ranch: Giving back to our communities is one of our core values at Thomas & Hutton.  

Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch Mission:  “to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ through therapeutic horseback riding and animal related activities for children and adults struggling with psychological, emotional, physical, and relational challenges while using formerly abused, neglected, and abandoned horses and dogs”.


Jamie Kohler (Founder), the BDRR horses, and many others welcome children, as well as adults to the farm where they provide an accepting environment that helps to develop friendships, build self-worth, and establish purpose in each individual. No one is judged for who they are or where they come from.


BDRR riders, of all ages, all abilities, and all walks of life, come to the farm where the horse and the human develop an indescribable bond and a relationship that is mutually beneficial both physically and emotionally. Therapeutic horseback riding, equine assisted learning (EAL), and equine assisted activities (EAA) are advantageous for everyone, and specialty programs are individually catered for each student, depending on his/her need. These programs commonly benefit children and adults with conditions such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, speech and language delays, behavioral issues, and PTSD. Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch and its horses also work with children in foster care, juveniles in group homes, people who have experienced traumatic life events, and riders that deal with many other challenges ranging from mild to severe.


Please visit Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch or check out their Facebook and Instagram sites to learn more about what they do, who they serve, and/or to see ways that you can help!